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Sports Performance Training & Elite Athlete Training

In many sports, no matter how devoted to training the athlete may be, if he or she is not physically equipped to compete, the performance will not improve. On one level, the determination of sport performance in most sport disciplines is a simple matter. In those activities where the result is measurable and defined, such as a race, a jump, or an object to be thrown, the end result is quantifiable. In these sports, it is the quest for performance improvement that drives the analysis of the individual components of performance. When an athlete and the coach can isolate areas on which to focus in training, the ultimate result is likely to be improved. Manipulation of volume and intensity of training has been highly correlated to the adaptations an athlete experiences and should vary based on the phase/season of the athlete’s sport 3.

The Sports Performance Program at UW Health Sports Medicine is part of a comprehensive sports medicine team. This team includes sport nutritionists, sport psychologists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, sports medicine physicians and performance training specialists. This team of professionals have helped mold the Sports Performance Program philosophy. Programs are all designed and run by leaders in their respective professions. Not only do we provide the highest quality performance training for your athletes, we may be able to work together to provide facilities for your practice.

As leaders in this specialized field, we offer innovative approaches to postural restoration. We are certified by the Postural Restoration Institute® and provide expert council in identifying and repairing the imbalances that are the cause of flawed mobility patterns. We specialize in helping people in San Diego stay healthy, active and fit so they can do the things they love without being held back by pain, medications or surgery. Continue reading to learn more and experience the Sports Performance difference today. In addition to the MLA, Chicago, and APA styles, your school, university, publication, or institution may have its own requirements for citations. Therefore, be sure to refer to those guidelines when editing your bibliography or works cited list.

Each training session will include multidirectional speed training progressions including lateral quickness, power steps, repositioning footwork and change of direction agility. After sitting in class all day, the body is not prepared to be athletic. The first step is movement preparation.

Modified daily undulating periodization model produces greater performance than a traditional configuration in powerlifters. Effects of different volume-equated resistance training loading strategies on muscular adaptations in well-trained men. Plyometric/neuromuscular training is a widely used method in strength and conditioning that is generally considered safe and highly effective when integrated into a well-designed program 22. Without the implementation of some kind of periodization , one runs the risk of training with overly excessive variety 8.

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