20 Sporting events Picture taking Approaches for Newcomers

Sports Photography Tips

This is where you deliberately allow for the fastest moving parts of your subject to become blurred. This could be the fast-spinning wheels of a car, bike or motorbike, or the legs of a runner or horse. It’s a risky strategy but one that can result in stunning photos which really convey the subject’s movement. If your lens or camera has image stabilization, enabled it as this will help minimize blur caused by unsteady hands. However, it’s important to understand that image stabilization cannot compensate for moving subjects. Another terrific sports photography article from Photography Life.

Personally, my favorite sports lens is a Canon 35mm ƒ/1.4. This wide-angle prime is available on every camera system, too, making it a ubiquitous choice for sports photographers. It’s not a perfect focal length all for action from any distance.

Apertures of f/2.8 or faster are most often used, though f/4 is also found, particularly on brighter days. Particularly visible are the Canon super telephoto lenses, whose distinctive white casing (to dissipate the sun’s heat) is recognizable at many sporting events. Of these, the Canon 400mm f/2.8 is particularly recommended for field sports such as football. Sports move so fast that most of us can’t manually focus our lenses fast enough to keep up. Most sport photographers I know use it for fast paced games and events.

It can give you those wide shots of the team as they work together or of the athlete on the field. And, it can make viewers feel like they’re right there on the field with the athletes. To capture your subject with little or no motion blur you’ll need to use a fast enough shutter speed. The rule-of-thumb is to make sure you select a shutter speed which is faster than 1/focal length. So, if your lens is set to a focal length of 200mm, then you need a minimum of 1/200s shutter speed. Your camera may only offer 1/180s or 1/250s – so go for the faster shutter speed – 1/250s.

Photographers have a crucial role in bringing us all of the drama through striking images. Share your experiences and your own photography tips in the comments below. And for the editor, send a good selection of no more than 50 . They are busy professionals and they won’t hire a photographer that doesn’t know how to edit and makes them waste time looking over 500 bad photos. If you’re an amateur, you can choose to photograph whatever you like. As a professional though, you need to have the versatility and be quick on your feet.

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